Appraisal: More Questions Than Answers

Reflect for a moment on your professional career, has your appraisal experience contributed to your professional growth? Have you been lucky enough to have an appraiser who cared and sought to help you grow? Should it have been down to luck? There are two things I am excited about for the next academic year andContinue reading “Appraisal: More Questions Than Answers”

The Ghosts of Past, Present and Future Leadership

Managerialism Research We all want to be great leaders, don’t we? No one sets out to be a prescriptive and tyrannical boss. No thank you to being the Scrooge of the school, though I’m quite happily the Grinch when Christmas comes. Last November as a part of my MA in Educational Leadership, I read aContinue reading “The Ghosts of Past, Present and Future Leadership”