Get Better Faster Book Review

Is there a book you wish you had read years ago? A deeply inspirational book that changed your outlook? Get Better Faster by Paul Bambrick-Santoyo is that book for me and I don’t use the word ‘inspirational’ lightly. Bambrick-Santoyo is the managing director of Uncommon Schools, co-founded by another big name in education, Doug Lemov.Continue reading “Get Better Faster Book Review”

How do you turn book monitoring into a developmental exercise?

William (1998), Hattie (2008) and EEF (2018) all identified feedback as one of the key influencers on student attainment. Do note I say feedback not marking. I whole-heartedly believe that the quality of feedback and students responding to it is the single most impactful thing in teaching. How do you monitor it though? How doContinue reading “How do you turn book monitoring into a developmental exercise?”

Aggressive Monitoring – A Smart Move?

Ask most teachers how they go about monitoring student work and they will most likely say “I start with the slowest or weakest student.” They will not say “I monitor aggressively.” unless they have read Get Better Faster by Paul Bambrick-Santoyo. I know that for sure. I polled my colleagues. One of the concepts mentionedContinue reading “Aggressive Monitoring – A Smart Move?”

The Power of Feedback

Some of you reading this may not be old enough to remember the video of Paul Black and Dylan William presenting their findings on the impact of targets versus grades on student achievement. It’s been two decades since I first saw it and yet it has left a lasting impression.  My feedback and marking methodsContinue reading “The Power of Feedback”