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This blog is dedicated to my experiences and reflections on my own classroom practice and leading on teaching and learning on a whole school level.

Appraisal: Development Pathways

In the previous two parts of the appraisal series, I explored the ongoing tension between appraisal and accountability expressed by the two dramatically different approaches to appraisal: the surplus and deficit models. I also looked at how to start changing the appraisal culture through the ‘gentle pressure relentlessly applied’ approach. In this part appraisal pathways…

Appraisal: Gentle Pressure Relentlessly Applied

Much has been written about the issues surrounding accountability in UK schools. Part 1 of the appraisal series was all about the tension between what the appraisers and appraisees are looking for in the appraisal process. In this blog I want to tackle the first big question I arrived at in my musings: How do…

Appraisal: More Questions Than Answers

Reflect for a moment on your professional career, has your appraisal experience contributed to your professional growth? Have you been lucky enough to have an appraiser who cared and sought to help you grow? Should it have been down to luck? There are two things I am excited about for the next academic year and…

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